Configuring Getbusi Web Management To Allow Outlook 2007 To Communicate With Exchange Server 2010

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This tutorial is only useful to the readers if they have the following or similar scenario:

  • Getbusi Web Management Server Has IP Address Of
  • Cisco Layer II & Layer III network with multiple VLANS.
  • The VLAN Setup are as follows:
    • Teaching Staff VLAN (IP Range: -, Subnet Mask:, Default Gateway:, Default Route: ANY)
    • Student VLAN (IP Range: -, Subnet Mask:, Default Gateway:, Default Route:
    • Administration VLAN (IP Range: -, Subnet Mask:, Default Gateway:, Default Route: ANY)
    • Servers VLAN (IP Range: -, Subnet Mask:, Default Gateway:, Default Route: ANY)
    • Firewall VLAN (IP Range: -, Subnet Mask:, Default Gateway:, Route: ANY)

Description Of The Problem

The problem faced was that any staff member who happened to logon to a computer within a student area (And therefore being on the Student VLAN) and needed to check their email using Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 & Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, would consistently ask for their credentials upon opening the application.

Analysis Of The Problem

After thorough analysis of the problem, it was determined that there was no problem within any staff or administration areas (The Teaching Staff & Administration VLANS). This led to the possibility of the following 2 problems.

  • The AutoDiscovery service that automatically detects the username & password of the currently logged on user based on Active Directory information was not "discovering" correctly.


  • Either an firewall or management device was restricting the communication between the Outlook 2007 client and the Exchange 2010 Server.

Resolution Of The Problem

In order for Outlook 2007 to communicate with the Exchange 2010 Server within the Student VLAN, you must do the following:

Getbusi Web Management - 1.png
Getbusi Web Management - 2.png
  • On the left hand column, click on the "Server Properties" web link.
Getbusi Web Management - 3.png
  • In the main section of this screen, click the "Direct Access" web link that has appeared at the center of the page section.
Getbusi Web Management - 4.png
  • You will now need to insert entries into this section. For the purpose of this tutorial, we inserted the internal address of the Exchange 2010 Server and also the external address incase that it tries to authenticate using external credentials. Once you have typed in an entry, click the "Add" button.
Getbusi Web Management - 2.png
  • Once you have completed the above, click the "Server Configuration" link on the left hand column.
  • You will now be presented with a credentials logon window, insert the administration credentials used to access Getbusi and click "Ok". Now click on the "Miscellaneous" Tab and click the "Restart" button.

Once the Getbusi Server has rebooted, you should now be able to notice that when you open the Outlook 2007 Client, it will no longer ask you for authentication. Please note that this may take some time as Getbusi now needs to add these new "Rules" to IPTABLES and process them.

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