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The following guide can be used to install VMware Tools on linux guest operating systems. This should work with most versions of ESX and VMWare Workstation.

In this example I am using VMWare Workstation 9 and installing VMware Tools from the Command Line with the Tar Installer.



  • Ensure guest operating system is installed and updated.
  • Install perl & dependencies
    yum install perl -y
  • Perform a clone or snapshot before continuing.
  • Mount the VMware Tools cdrom.
    Right click guest > Install VMware Tools (depending on platform).

The remaining steps take place inside the virtual machine.

Extracting the installer

First create a directory to mount the cdrom.

mkdir /mnt/cdrom
mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

Now change to a working directory and extract the tar installer.

cd /tmp
tar zxpf /mnt/cdrom/VMwareTools-9.0.0-<xxxx>.tar.gz

Hint: Just press TAB on your keyboard from /VMwareTools- to complete the filename for the latest version. Now unmout the tools cdrom:

umount /dev/cdrom 

Installing VMware Tools

Run the VMware Tools tar installer

cd vmware-tools-distrib

Respond to the configuration questions on the screen. Press Enter to accept the default value.


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